Trail Buggy 70v 2WD 4-Seater: $19,900 Trail Buggy XL 70v 2WD: $22,900 Trail Buggy Core 50v 2WD 4-Seater: $14,900 0% financing or $1000 cash discount

If you’re looking for a quality 2-wheel drive electric hunting golf cart, turn to Trail Buggy. Conquer muddy trails, rocky hills, and wooded areas with ease thanks to the durability and capability of Trail Buggy’s off-road hunting carts. These 2WD electric golf carts for hunting combine the efficiency and eco-friendliness of a 2-wheel drive system with the rugged capability needed to navigate diverse terrain Plus, all of our hunting carts are expertly made in the USA in South Carolina, so you can rest assured your new electric hunting cart is built with care and will stand the test of time.

Upgrade your hunting trips or simplify tasks on your farm without breaking the bank with Trail Buggy’s off-road hunting buggy. This versatile vehicle effortlessly combines performance, durability, and accessibility, saving you valuable time and energy when moving through your property.

Invest in a 2WD electric hunting buggy to elevate your off-road experiences today. Explore our website to learn more about the many advantages of owning a 2WD electric buggy and join our growing community of satisfied hunters and property owners who have made the switch to Trail Buggy. Don’t settle for less; choose the ultimate outdoor adventure partner.

Trail Buggy Core

If you’re looking for an economical 2-wheel drive electric hunting golf cart, consider the Trail Buggy Core. The Trail Buggy Core is our 50v option, so its battery isn’t as large as some of our other models, but it still has plenty of juice to get the job done. The Core has front leaf springs and features a 50v maintenance-free lithium battery. Trail Buggy Core starts at $13,900 with cash discount. Add an optional Green/White LED light bar for $300.