Trail Buggy 70v 4WD: $22,900 Trail Buggy XL 70v 4WD: $25,900 0% financing or $1000 cash back Winch Package: $1500 (Includes 3500 Winch, 12v 100 ah lithium battery and onboard charger)

As a hunter or farmer, you require all-terrain transportation that's dependable and efficient. So, why not opt for our powerful electric 4x4 hunting carts? The durable design and off-road modifications of our 4-wheel-drive electric golf carts will help you get the job done and traverse all sorts of difficult terrain.

When you purchase from Trail Buggy, you support American-made products, as our electric 4-wheel drive hunting carts are made in South Carolina. If you love the outdoors, hunt, or farm, Trail Buggy’s electric hunting vehicle is the perfect companion. It allows you to explore the great outdoors effortlessly while minimizing noise and emissions. Our electric 4x4 hunting carts come with a 70v lithium battery, which means they last longer and charge faster. In fact, they require less charging time than a typical lead-acid battery.

There are also other customizable features, including storage options, seating arrangements, and rugged exterior designs. Our electric hunting carts provide both convenience and style. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Upgrade your off-road experience with a customizable 4x4 electric hunting buggy today!