05 Mar

One of the important features hunters must consider when buying or outfitting a hunting golf cart is visibility. Below, we'll explain the key benefits of LED lights on your hunting cart and why they're superior to standard halogen bulbs.

Greater Visibility

The primary advantage of having LED lights instead of halogen bulbs for your golf cart for hunting is they offer much better visibility. It's common knowledge at this point that an LED bulb has a much greater range and brightness when compared to its halogen counterpart. When traveling off-road in potentially hazardous territory, you want as much visibility as possible.

Energy Efficiency

Another benefit that LED lights afford hunting carts, especially electric ones, is their energy efficiency. An LED bulb requires just a fraction of a standard bulb's energy while producing greater illumination. For electric hunting carts, this means they use up less of the battery and will last longer than a normal bulb.


LED lights are also much more durable than a typical halogen bulb. Halogen lights are delicate and easily break, while LED lights are much more stable and rigid—allowing them to survive more blows and shocks. When trekking through the rough and unpredictable off-road terrain, you want a bulb that won't break after the first bump.

Minimum Heat Output

LED lights are also safer than halogen bulbs because they have a minimum heat output. Anyone who's tried to change a halogen light bulb that's just been used knows that they can get quite hot, and in the wilderness, such a hot bulb becomes a fire hazard. LED lights, however, are designed for a minimum heat energy output—preventing them from becoming a wildfire hazard.

Color Versatility

Lastly, a key benefit of LED lights for hunting carts is they can change colors easily! We all know how easy it is to change the colors of LED lights, and this can be quite useful for hunters as different lights can affect the game differently. White light is good for visibility, but green light is better for hunting prey, like hogs, as they cast softer shadows. Red lights are primarily used for hunting predator animals, like coyotes or bobcats, as they don't see red light well, and their eyes reflect red light strongly.

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