22 Aug

Hunters have a few transportation options when the hunt takes them off the beaten path and into the wilderness. These vehicles include pickup trucks, 4x4 vehicles, ATVs, and golf carts. Discover the advantages of using golf carts for hunting instead of other vehicles.

Better Mobility

While a golf cart may not be the first vehicle you consider when thinking about off-road mobility, these carts are remarkably capable of traversing even the most difficult terrain once they have certain modifications. While you might think these carts are only built for the fairway, they can easily take hunters into the rough. Unlike ATVs and pickup trucks, golf carts are light, making them nimbler and more adept at navigating difficult terrain and escaping even the muddiest territories. With proper off-road tires and exterior protection, a hunting off-road golf cart can take you anywhere an ATV can take you—and many places it can’t.

Superior Convenience

Golf carts make for convenient hunting vehicles. While ATVs are great for traversing difficult terrain, they don’t provide much storage for hunting supplies without expensive add-ons and modifications. As anyone who’s played golf will know, carts are built with plenty of room for easy equipment storage and transportation. For example, all Trail Buggy carts come with a folding rear cargo box that offers plenty of room for storage and can convert to a comfortable seating arrangement at a moment’s notice.

Less Maintenance

Another advantage of using golf carts for hunting is that they’re very easy to maintain and require much less effort and resources to run effectively. Unlike a gasoline ATV or 4x4 pickup truck, an electric hunting golf cart doesn’t require frequent oil changes and engine inspections. Electric vehicles like golf carts have fewer mechanical components, which means fewer ways for things to go wrong and break down. With golf carts, hunters only have to worry about keeping their vehicles charged and clean.

Less Noise

Every hunter knows how critical stealth is for a successful hunting trip. Golf carts are great hunting vehicles because they’re significantly quieter than gasoline-powered vehicles and hardly make any noise during travel. With a gold cart, hunters won’t have to worry about scaring off the local wildlife every time they travel like they do when they fire up the loud, throaty engine of an ATV. Using a golf cart means hunters can get closer to their targets, ultimately leading to better chances for a more successful hunt.

Where Can You Get a Golf Cart for Hunting?

If you think you would benefit from using a golf cart for hunting, we can help! Browse the specifications and features of our Trail Buggy hunting carts on our site, and contact our helpful staff if you have any questions about our off-road golf carts. 

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