05 Sep

Most ranchers have an off-road or all-terrain vehicle, like a four-wheeler, to transport them around their property. However, electric golf carts are becoming more popular for ranchers, farmers, hunters, and outdoorsy people. Learn why you should get an electric golf cart for your ranch!


The main advantage of having an electric golf cart on your ranch or farm is that it allows you to rest your legs and accomplish simple tasks quickly and easily. We all know how big a ranch is, and an electric golf cart allows you to zip around the property easily. Golf carts can carry plenty of equipment and supplies to help you complete your daily tasks. Because they’re electric, they’re much quieter than gas-powered vehicle, so you can drive around the property without a noisy engine ringing in your ears or scaring livestock.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of an electric golf cart compared to other ranching vehicles, like an ATV or anything else with a combustion engine, is they’re affordable and easy to maintain. Electric golf carts are not complex because they have fewer parts—they’re not much more than an electric battery and motor! Fewer components and less complex machinery mean fewer problems for ranchers. You’ve got enough problems to deal with on your land; your transportation shouldn’t be one of them!

Customization Capable

Another reason you should get an electric golf cart for your ranch is they’re remarkably versatile and customizable. Every ranch and farm is different, so consider a customizable golf cart instead of getting a one-size-fits-all four-wheeler that doesn’t offer much besides its four-wheels. You can add many modifications to an electric golf cart to make it more convenient:

  • Brush guard
  • Winch
  • Front baskets
  • Gun racks
  • Cargo beds
  • LED headlights

Our electric hunting golf carts at Trail Buggy have many features, including a rear cargo box, premium high-back seats, and ATV tires!

Fuel Efficient

With an electric golf cart, you don’t have to worry about filling it up with gas and motor oil! You also don’t have to worry about gas prices or stocking up on fuel for long days behind the wheel. You need only plug it in for a few hours every couple of days, and it’ll serve you well!

Where To Get an Electric Golf Cart for Your Ranch

If you could use an electric golf cart for your ranch or farm, you’ve come to the right place! Trail Buggy offers some of the most durable and versatile golf carts for hunting, farming, and other outdoor activities. Learn more about our carts by visiting the “Features” or “Specifications” pages on our website, or contact our staff with any questions. 

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