11 Aug

Avid hunters understand there is a lot of gear required for a successful hunting trip—and quality matters. One important piece of equipment is a hunting cart. Traveling deep into the woods and through harsh terrain requires a high-quality vehicle. You can choose between an electric or gas hunting cart. Before you decide on your vehicle, explore the differences between the two options.

Cost of Cart

Various factors will affect the cost of the cart you purchase. These factors include:

  • Model
  • Year
  • Make
  • Added accessories
  • Cart condition

These generalizations will provide a good understanding of an approximate price. Gas carts tend to be more expensive than electric ones. Often, a used gas cart will still cost more than a new electric version. Figure out a budget before you begin searching for a hunting golf cart.

Air Pollution

Electric hunting carts never release fumes or emissions into the atmosphere. They’re the more environmentally friendly option between the two. Gas hunting carts run off of traditional fuel and release carbon monoxide emissions. You’ll definitely be able to smell the gasoline with most gas carts, although some newer models do a better job of diminishing this scent.

Smoother Rides and Noise

Electric hunting carts are virtually silent, which makes them ideal for hunters. They offer smoother rides, have zero exhaust smell, and do not have a choke button to worry about. Gas hunting carts are also quieter than other vehicles but will make noise while driving. This noise is not ideal for hunting situations. You can’t be as stealthy and silent as you’d like to be for hunting when riding a gas cart.


Both gas and electric hunting buggies are reliable options. A newer electric hunting cart generally tends to last longer. Electric carts have fewer parts, which means fewer pieces to go bad. Gas carts have fuel pumps, belts, starters, valves, clutches, and more, all of which can fail you.


Maintenance is crucial, no matter which cart type you choose. However, electric hunting carts require less maintenance. You’ll need to focus on checking and cleaning the battery monthly. Ensure you charge them after every use and keep the cart at the correct charge level.Now that you understand the differences between gas and electric hunting carts, you can decide which is best for your hunting excursions. For all your electric hunting cart needs, choose Golf Carts Plus. We’re the premier electric cart option.

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