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Is your hunting golf cart lacking in speed and taking too long to get anywhere? Learn how to make your hunting golf cart faster with our helpful tips below!

Lighten Up

Perhaps the easiest way to boost your hunting cart speed is to lighten its load. Since hunting requires many supplies and materials, many of those with hunting carts fall into the habit of treating their cart like a moving storage compartment.While it’s convenient to keep hunting materials in your hunting cart, these items create excess weight that slows down your cart. Consider going through all your hunting carts compartments and clearing out what’s not necessary to make your cart more lean and mean.

Keep It Clean

After you shed all that weight from your cart, another simple strategy for increasing speed is to ensure it’s clean. As with any vehicle, whether a hunting cart or a high-performance car, you need to keep it clean if you want it to go faster and run longer.Keeping a hunting golf cart clean can be difficult, as many use them to traverse the messiest and most challenging terrains. Manufacturers and users alike expect the cart to operate while coated with dust, dirt, mud, and sand. But all these contaminants can gradually wear down a cart and contaminate it from the inside out. If you can’t remember what the color of your cart is because it’s so caked with mud, give it a thorough washing!

Invest in Bigger and Better Tires

Getting bigger and better tires is a straightforward way to make your hunting golf cart faster. The bigger the tires, the greater the surface area and the greater the possible top speed. Most golf carts come with 8-inch diameter tires, which are fine for golfing but are not ideal for speed or hunting!Upgrading to bigger tires, such as 24-inch diameter tires, will give your cart a significant boost of speed—up to 5 mph faster! At Trail Buggy, our electric carts for hunting come with rugged ATV off-road radial tires that provide greater speed and off-road traction, ensuring you can take them practically anywhere!

Get a Better Battery

Another simple change to your golf cart that’ll make it faster is to upgrade the battery to one with a higher voltage. The higher the voltage on your cart’s battery, the more performance and speed you’ll get out of your golf cart.Most golf carts have a 48-voltage battery, but Trail Buggy’s carts all come with 70-voltage batteries for greater speed and capability. But remember, you should only use batteries made for golf carts instead of trying to add the most powerful battery you can find. And if you want to ensure that your battery always delivers its maximum output, keep it clean and corrosion free with regular inspections and cleanings.

Lithium-Ion vs. Lead-Acid Batteries

When deciding the best battery for their hunting golf carts, owners basically have two options: lithium-ion and lead-acid units. While lead-acid batteries have been around forever, lithium-ion batteries are considered the future, as they offer significant advantages over their lead-acid counterparts.A lithium-ion battery can deliver more voltage at a lower capacity, so even after expending most of the battery, it’ll still perform as if it has a full charge. Lithium-ion batteries may cost more initially, but they can offer up to 10 times as many charging cycles over their lifespan, so they’re a better long-term investment. Finally, lithium-ion batteries are more durable against heat and cold—making them ideal for hunters who take their carts into difficult weather conditions.

Increase Torque

Torque is a significant factor in the speed of your golf cart, so increasing it will give your cart a speed boost. Torque is the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis or, in other words, the pulling power that a motor produces.The best way to understand torque for electric carts is amperage, while top speed is voltage. Voltage and amperage are inversely proportional, so while increasing the amperage and torque may improve the cart’s acceleration, it could reduce the top speed. The simplest way to increase your golf cart’s torque is with an upgrade to the motor.

Upgrade the Motor

The field coil is a significant factor when considering new motors for your golf cart. The larger the coil on the motor, the larger the magnetic field generation and the more torque it can produce.But remembering the torque and top speed balance, you don’t want to increase the amperage too much without changing the voltage. If there’s an electrical imbalance, you can cause problems for your cart that are much more significant than slow speed.

Upgrade the Speed Controller

Before you get a new motor, it’s wise to consider your cart’s speed controller. The speed controller, as the name suggests, limits the speed of your cart by controlling the amperage output.For example, you’ll see the same performance if you get a new electric motor while the old speed controller still has the old motor’s limits. Most golf carts have a speed controller of about 200-300 amp, but our hunting carts have a limit of 600 amp!

What You Shouldn’t Do To Increase Speed in a Hunting Cart

While we’ve offered plenty of advice on what to do to increase your cart’s speed, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid. For one, you shouldn’t try to modify or replace your cart’s motor or battery if you’re not an expert. You’ll likely end up doing more harm than good.And when you purchase a new battery, motor, tires, or anything else for your cart, make sure you’re buying from a licensed reseller. Be wary of those who’ll sell you parts and batteries to maximize your cart’s speed at a low cost. Confirm the person or store you’re buying from is an authorized reseller to avoid getting scammed.


We hope our guide on golf cart modifications and speeds has been helpful! If you’re in the market for a new golf cart, check out Trail Buggy, where we provide golf carts for hunting with premium performance and off-road capability.

How To Make Your Hunting Golf Cart Faster
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