14 Mar

There comes a time when many golf cart owners have to put their carts away for a few weeks or months. If you need to put your golf cart into long-term storage soon, check out our quick guide for some helpful advice to ensure it comes out of hibernation as capable as when you put it in!

Clean It Inside and Out

Before putting your cart away for the off-season, make sure it’s clean inside and out. Dirt or trash left to rot on the interior or exterior could cause damage and corrosion.

Disconnect and Store the Battery

The battery is always a primary concern when storing a golf cart, as it can drain and die with no battery tender. While you can hook up a battery tender to give it a stable charge throughout storage, most owners go a step further and disconnect the battery altogether to preserve it. Store the disconnected cell inside, off the ground, in a relatively safe place where it won’t get too cold or hot.

Decide What To Do With the Tires

The tires are another key consideration for golf cart owners. Over weeks and months of stationary storage, the tires can flatten and crack. You should either make plans to refill the tires in storage every two weeks or remove them entirely and put the cart on jacks. The goal is to relieve the constant pressure that the tires endure in storage.

Invest in a Quality Storage Space

Do you know where you’ll store your cart long-term? First, you want a secure place to rest assured it won’t be stolen or vandalized. Second, you would ideally store your golf cart in a climate-controlled environment to avoid extreme cold or heat from affecting the vehicle. Garages and storage units are best for golf carts.

Get a Trail Buggy Hunting Golf Cart Today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick guide to long-term golf cart storage. Remember our tips the next time you put your cart into storage for a few weeks or months! If your hunting golf cart doesn’t look like it’ll come out of hibernation in a few months, Trail Buggy can help. Our electric hunting golf carts are incredibly durable and built to last in even the toughest conditions. Browse our site to learn more about our hunting carts, or talk to our staff today! 

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