09 Apr

The typical electric golf cart has a traditional suspension setup, as they’re for the smooth cart paths and fairways of golf courses. However, an independent setup is necessary for those looking for golf carts for hunting, off-roading, or farming. Keep reading to learn more about independent suspension and its advantages for electric golf carts.

Understanding Independent Suspensions

What Is an Independent Suspension?

Independent suspension allows separate wheels on the same vehicle to move independently of each other. This contrasts with the common solid-axle suspension, which links the wheels together and causes them to rise and fall in unison.In equipped vehicles, a network of components—control arms, ball joints, and struts, for example—work together to ensure a smoother, more controlled ride. Essentially, each wheel is its boss, maintaining a strong grip on the terrain without any unnecessary movement changes from the other side of the vehicle.

Comparing Traditional and Independent Setups

Now, it’s only fair to offer a comparison; in this case, it’s a stark one. Traditional suspensions are simpler and cheaper to produce, evident in the classic ‘bounce’ many associate with off-roading. Each side’s wheel reacts directly to the movements of the opposing one. This can often lead to more body roll and instability when the going gets tough, making them uncomfortable and impractical in any challenging terrain.

Advantages of Electric Golf Carts

Stability on Rough Terrain

One of the definitive advantages of independent suspension in electric golf carts is its ability to maintain traction and stability, even over uneven surfaces. This means when one wheel hits a divot, the other can remain firmly planted, keeping your ride disturbance-free and your cargo secure.

Enhanced Comfort During Rides

Adaptability to the terrain doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort. Independent suspension dampens the effect of bumps, so equipped carts offer a harmonious glide instead of having every irregularity in the road feel like a seismic event. Long journeys on unforgiving off-road paths are no longer a test of endurance but a pleasurable experience.

Improved Load Carrying and Towing

Electric golf carts are versatile, doubling as carriers and towing units. The independent suspension does more than just keep the ride smooth. It allows each wheel more range of movement to prevent overloading, making the vehicle better equipped to carry heavy loads over rough terrain. It also plays a significant role in towing, making them ideal for farmers, ranchers, or anyone else who uses them as utility vehicles.

Find Electric Golf Carts With Independent Suspensions at Trail Buggy!

If you think you could benefit from an electric golf cart with a more advanced and durable suspension setup, Trail Buggy is here to help! All our electric carts for hunting come standard with independent suspension—front and rear for the four-wheel drive models and front for the two-wheel drive units. If you need an off-road transport vehicle for hunting, farming, or off-roading, consider Trail Buggy’s off-road capable golf carts. 

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