26 Oct

It’s easy to fall for misconceptions about hunting and outdoor adventures. Many myths surround electric hunting golf carts, which have recently gained popularity among outdoorsy people. Hunters, farmers, and ranchers may not be familiar with these incredible machines and instead believe they are unsuitable or not durable enough for rugged terrains. We’re debunking some of the most common electric hunting golf cart myths you may hear, from their power to their batteries!

Electric Hunting Carts Lack Power and Torque

Many people might assume electric hunting carts are less powerful than gas-powered UTVs, but this is far from the truth. Electric carts provide excellent torque and horsepower, allowing users to conquer rough terrains, even when fully loaded with gear! Electric carts offer powerful and reliable performance for various needs.

Range and Battery Life Are Limited

Another common misconception is that electric hunting carts have a limited range due to battery life constraints. While it’s true that older models may have had limited battery life, modern carts have lithium-ion batteries that offer extended range and fast charging capabilities. These batteries provide consistent power output and allow you to cover considerable distances in your hunting expeditions without running out of power.

Electric Hunting Carts Are High-Maintenance

Some people believe that electric hunting carts require more maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. However, electric carts have fewer moving parts than their gas-powered counterparts, which reduces the likelihood of mechanical failure. Electric hunting carts are generally very reliable, minimizing the need for maintenance and the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Electric Carts Aren’t Customizable

Many hunters, farmers, and ranchers mistakenly think they can’t tailor electric hunting carts to their needs. On the contrary, electric carts are highly customizable, offering options for cargo carriers, winches, high-clearance enhancements, and even camouflage wraps to blend in with the surroundings. Customization allows users to create the perfect hunting vehicle to suit their preferences and requirements.

Electric Hunting Carts Are Harmful to the Environment

Although people assume that electric vehicles are harmful to the environment due to battery disposal, the truth is that electric carts are more eco-friendly than gas-powered vehicles. Electric carts produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing their environmental impact during usage. Moreover, modern lithium-ion batteries have a significantly lower environmental impact, as they are recyclable and have a longer life span than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Find High-Quality Electric Hunting Carts at Trail Buggy

Electric 4x4 hunting carts are environmentally friendly alternatives to gas-powered vehicles and are incredibly convenient and low-maintenance for hunters and farmers. While many myths about electric hunting golf carts persist, we hope our debunking has shown you the truth! If you’re considering switching to electric hunting carts and want a reliable, durable, and customizable option, Trail Buggy offers a range of high-quality electric carts. Browse our selection at Golf Cart Plus, and experience the advantages first-hand! 

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