05 Feb

Golf carts aren’t typically meant for winter use, so they’ll need some adjusting to operate in the cold. We’ll show you how to prepare your hunting cart for snow and ice season with our guide: how to properly winterize your golf cart below.

Inspect the Cart

The first thing you’ll want to do when preparing your hunting cart for the bitter cold and snow of winter is to ensure it’s in good working order and that it doesn’t have any significant problems or need repairs. The winter chill is hard enough for golf carts; if it has a leak or corroded components, it could lead to serious failure. Check the battery life and terminal connections to ensure they’re still in good condition if your golf cart is electric.

Ensure You Have the Right Tires

Driving in winter means dealing with snow and ice, whether you’re driving on a paved road or off-roading, making your cart’s brakes even more important. Ensure you check your hunting cart’s brakes regularly to ensure they’re in solid condition for the upcoming winter. You need capable brakes to ensure the control and safety of your cart on snow and ice, so if they look old and worn out, now is the time to replace them.

Get an Enclosure

Driving a hunting cart in winter will be cold and difficult for the driver unless you get an enclosure. Instead of fighting the bracing winds and snow, an enclosure will keep you and your passengers warm and make driving your golf cart in winter much safer. Anywhere that sells golf carts will also sell enclosures, or you can find one online—make sure you get the right size!

Invest in a Heater

Many small, portable, and efficient golf cart heaters are available that you can easily install and, combined with the enclosure, will make operating the golf cart much more tolerable in winter. Plenty of portable golf cart heaters, big and small, are affordable, so it’s wise to always get a couple in preparation for the winter weather.

Prepare Your Hunting Cart for Long-Term Winter Storage

We can help if you mean to winterize your golf cart by storing it for the long, cold season. You should do the following when storing a golf cart for the winter:

  • Clean it thoroughly, inside and out.
  • Turn off the cart and remove the key, putting the cart in neutral.
  • Disconnect the battery cables (or hook up to a battery tender).
  • Drain the gas and turn the shut-off valve to Off (if it’s a gasoline golf cart).
  • Inflate the tires to their optimum PSI.

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Ultimately, you can properly winterize your golf cart by ensuring the manufacturer built it to last the hazards and challenges of winter. Where can you find such a ready-made cart? Look no further than Trail Buggy and our selection of electric hunting golf carts! Our selection of off-road golf carts can withstand the toughest challenges of the season with durable batteries, off-road tires, and four-wheel disc brakes. Order your new hunting cart at Trail Buggy today! 

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