15 Feb

You have two options for the battery: lithium or lead-acid batteries if you’re interested in an electric hunting cart. Below, we’ll break down the pros and cons of hunting carts with lithium batteries so hunters can see how the two options compare and what lithium batteries have to offer.

Pros of Lithium Battery Hunting Carts


Anyone who drives a golf cart with a lithium battery compared to one with a typical lead-acid unit would immediately notice lithium batteries’ advantage regarding performance. Lithium battery-powered hunting carts are much lighter and smaller than lead-acid battery carts, allowing lithium battery-powered carts to perform better. A lithium battery can weigh half as much as a lead-acid unit, instantly making it faster and more nimble than a heavier, lead-acid powered unit. Plus, lithium batteries offer the same power and performance whether they have a full charge or are on their last legs—there’s no drop in power as the battery drains like with lead-acid units.

Charge Time

Lithium battery units charge much quicker than their lead-acid counterparts. The typical lead-acid battery requires roughly eight hours of charge time for five to six hours of run time. A lithium battery, on the other hand, can fully charge in half that time and provide nearly twice as long of a run time, depending on its use and the golf cart’s weight. Therefore, hunters spend less time waiting for their carts to charge and more time out hunting!


Lastly, lithium batteries offer hunting carts many more charge cycles than regular lead-acid ones. A lead-acid battery lasts about 500 cycles, maybe up to 1,000 in ideal conditions, usually four to five years of use. A lithium battery, however, has a life span of roughly 3,000-5,000 cycles. So, on average, a lithium battery will last twice as long, if not longer, than a typical lead-acid battery for a golf cart.

Cons of Lithium Battery Hunting Carts


The pros and cons of hunting carts with lithium batteries are numerous; however, the only true con is the cost when comparing them to lead-acid units. Lithium batteries have a higher up-front cost than typical lead-acid batteries, but the value hunting cart owners get is undeniable. Lithium batteries will perform better, charge faster, and last much longer than typical hunting cart batteries. So, while the sticker price may be higher, there’s no doubt which option provides better value for hunters and golf cart owners.

Get a Lithium-Powered Hunting Cart at Trail Buggy

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